-Why wouldn’t the AFL have fore-warning of the lockdown?
It’s funny, there is some sort of conspiracy theory abound that the AFL got fore-warning about the impending lockdown, hence how the teams got out of the state on Sunday night. However, I’m not sure its any sort of conspiracy. Why wouldn’t a billion-dollar business talk to the government about what is happening and what’s likely to impact their sport? I have no doubt that the AFL were talking to the Victorian government about the likelihood of lockdowns, especially if there was a continued huge spike’s in cases. In fact, they would have been derelict in their duty if they didn’t ask the questions.

-Players choosing to opt out……it really isn’t that big a deal
Of course, not all players left for the hub, with several choosing to stay behind for family reasons. Whilst the easy argument is to suggest it’s weak, or shows a lack of commitment, it’s actually quite a fair and reasonable thing to do. There are things in life that take precedence over work, and one of them is family. The funny thing is, you then have people whining they are going and enjoying the sunshine, whilst the rest of us are stuck here. So, which is it? Are the pampered people who get the easy gig on leaving the state? Or are they whining sooks that should do what they are told as they get paid big money?

-AFL Integrity Unit – What do these people do?
You have to wonder, because as more details come out around the Adelaide preseason camp at the start of 2018, it should be noted that this was later investigated and deemed to be satisfactory. It’s deeply impacted a number of players, many who have since left, there were some incredible reports on what players were subjected too and yet the integrity unit found ‘nothing to see here’. Surely this is the exact sort of thing they should be taking strong action against, otherwise, what’s really the point?

-NBA going ahead? Surely, it’s getting shaky
The NBA kicks off at the end of this month, with warm-up scrimmages starting this week. However, with the ever increasing COVID cases in America, especially in Florida where the NBA hub is, you have to wonder if the season will actually get up and running. Over the past few weeks, more than 25 players have tested positive for COVID, with the rumoured number being a lot higher than that, as players have to give their blessing for the test results to be published. There are plenty of players who are apprehensive, and you have to wonder how many players will it take to get sick to see the season cancelled once and for all? Whilst I’m looking forward to the season recommencing, I’m also curious to see if we get a season finished at all.

-A-League struggles to get Melbourne teams out in time
As previously reported on this site, that the A-League is set to recommence on the 16th July, however it’s been a struggle for the three Melbourne A-League teams recently. Similar to the AFL clubs, Melb Victory, Melb City and Western United were all having to get out of the state by midnight on Sunday. However, unlike the AFL teams, the A-League clubs had their fair share of difficulty. First, they tried to fly out to Canberra, however this was stopped due to fog stopping the flight. They were then shunted on to buses to get them to Moama, however they didn’t make it in time and were turned around, not getting back in to Melbourne till 1am!
They are now awaiting an exemption from the NSW government, as they were advised that if they went to Canberra, they would have to quarantine for 14 days, not being able to train during that time. With the season just 8 days away, it’s yet to be seen how they will be able to finish the season, if an exemption isn’t granted by the NSW government.