There was a time, probably about 10-12yrs ago, when Australian boxing was in a great state. Danny Green, Anthony Mundine, Danny Geale, Sam Solomon were the main men, you had other good support like Hussein Hussein, Nedal Hussein and the sport looked strong. Before that we had Kostya Tszyu, we had Jeff Fenech, Jeff Harding and guys like Tony Mundine and Gus Mercurio before that.
Now, the only ‘decent’ fights that seem to get any sort of publicity or media are fights between ex-football/rugby players or old blokes like Mundine.
Mundine, who retired after his loss to Danny Green, yet here he is, coming out of retirement to fight some former kickboxer who’s already said this will be his last fight.
Surely we can get better fights than this?
Has this sport dropped so far that our best options are Gallen V Hall to see who fights Sonny Bill?
Here’s hoping Tim Tszyu, Kostya’s boy, can lift the sport back up, as at the moment it seems to be dying a quick death!