So we’ve finished the test series against Pakistan, and we saw a few wickets either missed or over-turned by no-balls, though very bloody few of these were actually called by the onfield umpires. In fact, Channel 7 analyst Trent Copeland, worked out there was more than 20 no-balls missed in the Gabba test alone!

Seriously, how can that be the bloody case, when an umpire has pretty much four things he needs to worry about when standing at the bowlers end.
1. Hold the bowlers hat
2. Count the balls
4. Look up to see where the ball goes.

That’s it. Let’s not pretend this is rocket science people. That is pretty much it. So, what we can ascertain from this is that the majority of umpires are failing to complete 25% of their job! Most people would be sacked in that case!

Now admittedly, I’ve only ever umpired properly in C Grade cricket, but the same principles apply, and I never missed a no ball! Ever! These blokes are professional ffs, they do this as a job!

The thing is, it can actually effect results. An extra 20 runs to a side could be crucial. Imagine if in the third test of the Ashes it was identified that Australia should have had an extra 15 runs to their score, it might have meant another few overs to pass us, we could have had an extra 5-10 balls at Jack Leach! It might have meant Stokes has go hard for an extra over and take further risks. I mean potential, it’s huge.

So for the love of god umps, just do ya bloody job properly and watch the freaken front foot!