Stupid bloody work getting in the way of my ranting………if only this thing would pay me to do it full time.
Sporting contracts, is it even bloody worth having bloody them days?? Just this week we’ve seen Tom Papley, Sydney’s small forward, nominate Carlton his preferred destination for a trade. Which is fine, it’s the cool thing to do nowadays, nominate your preferred club and let them thrash out a deal. But he signed a bloody 5yr deal just last year!!! 5 years!!! I mean, how can your life change so suddenly in 12mths that you’ve gone from taking a decent 5year deal to then wanting out 12mths later?
Lachie Neale did this last year, despite being contracted, demanded a trade to Brisbane, as did Mitch McGovern who had only recently signed a further 2yr extension with the club.
We’ve seen Gary Ablett do it 3years ago when, after completing the first year of a heavily front-ended contract, he asked to be traded back to Geelong for ‘family reasons’ despite having 2 years still to run on his contract. A trade didn’t eventuate and whilst Ablett did play in the 2017 season, he only got through 14 games with ‘injury’, only to again ask for a trade at the end of the year and noting he’d quit football if a trade couldn’t be facilitated!
In the past we’ve seen players like Bryce Gibbs try and force a trade with 2yrs to go on his contract, Dayne Beams wanted out of Brisbane last year as well, despite saying at the Best and Fairest award he wanted to stay, and still being under contract.
And it’s not just here in Australia that this happens.
In the NFL just this season, we’ve seen Ezekiell Elliott, the Dallas Cowboys running back, refuse to train or even turn up to the pre-season training camps as he wanted an extension on his contract, despite having a further 2yrs to run!
Anthony Davis essentially sat out the second half of the year for the New Orleans Pelicans in the NBA after not being traded as he requested to the L.A. Lakers despite. He still had a contact going through the 2019/20 season. Then you have Paul George, who signed a 4yr $137mil contract with the Oklahoma City Thunder, and yet 12mths later demanded a trade to the L.A. Clippers to play with Kawhi Leonard!
In soccer it’s even worse, with players regularly forcing moves to bigger clubs and refusing to play if denied, despite having signed lucrative long term contracts in the recent past.
Other than giving the holder of the player a small piece of bargaining power, is there really any point in having contracts in place these days?
I’m hoping that if the AFL continues to go down the path it is, then the clubs will get the power to trade players to teams without their consent, to at least provide them with some power in these situations. Otherwise, we’ll just see players continuing to walk away from their clubs whenever they wish.
And that, as a fan, really does suck.