It’s back, been a while but it’s back.
Now, I reckon the AFL has been pretty good of late, generally speaking, though the bar has never been set that high. Sure, the rules are a little confusing at times, but they’ve generally handled the pandemic well.
However, last night’s farcial tribunal hearing just makes you shake your head. Tom Lynch was again cited for a strike to an opponent off the ball. He’d been cited 3 times in the two games prior and received fines as a result, and as such, Michael Christian decided rather than fine him this tine, he’ll send it to the tribunal, off the back of repeated offences. So rather than do his job, and at the very least fine him, he sends it to the bloody tribunal wasting everyone’s time as Lynch is let off after just 21mins of deliberation!!! I mean bloody spare me.

Of all the incidents Lynch has committed, this was by far the lowest impact of the lot, it was never going to see a week given, they can’t fine him, so it was just a wasted bloody exercise.

Now, personally I would have given Lynch a week under my ‘should-be-introduced’ dickhead rule whereby you cop a week for being stupid enough to keep doing dumb things. Lynch, having been cited 3 times for whacking blokes, should just cop a week for being dumb enough to do it again.

But the fact that this went to the tribunal is simply laughable, it’s a cop out from Christian and its just another example that the AFL are still confused about punches and hits in our game