It’s back!!!!

Seriously, who is running the sport of F1 these days?? Do we have a definitive answer yet on whether the cars are going to be going around yet or not??

-First Williams pulled out, which is fair enough as most of them are probably in hospital with the coronavirus after having one guy already test positive
-then we get told the race has been postponed as Williams have pulled out and the drivers are complaining about having to race because of the virus. FIA have said that no race will go ahead if one of the teams isn’t present, however that was later clarified, being only if a team was unable to travel to an event. If they chose to not race
-then there are reports that the race is going ahead, only with no supporters.

Seriously what is going on??

Surely this should have been discussed prior to everyone coming here, especially considering that most teams/drivers/personell are likely coming from Europe or Asia where the outbreak is significantly greater than here in Australia.

Oh, and we have four members of the HAAS team who are currently in isolation awaiting results of tests. Awesome.

So for the love of god people, make a decision.

Either call it off, or run it, but stop dicking people around.