Ok, First of all the NRL Grand Final. The ref at the centre of the #6again controversy has claimed he didn’t actually call 6 again!! Fine mate, whatever, maybe you didn’t, but you were waiving your arm around in the motion signalling 6 more tackles, so unless you were stretching, testing the deodorant or just waving your arms around like you just don’t care, then it’s still a massive cock up by you. It changed the course of the game and probably cost the Raiders the title. Now, the Raiders mightn’t have scored and the Roosters just may well have won anyway, but it’s a massive mistake at a crucial time against a side that had all the momentum.

Next cab off the rank, AFL trade week. Do we really need a week?? I mean, all it does it keep sports tragic’s like me concentrating more on what’s not happening than what is. It’s like when you first start going out with someone, and you want a text, a message, a snapchat (for all you young’uns out there) and you keep checking your phone to see if they’ve reached out. I’m like that, I keep staring at my phone, waiting for a trade, any trade, to satisfy me. Sure, it probably says more about my life than anything else, but please, do we actually need a whole week? Can’t this be done over 3 days and just get it over with?

And Lastly, and most importantly. Who’s excited for the A League season starting this weekend…….Oh, you didn’t know it started this weekend??? That’s because the people running it are bloody incompetent and need a kick up the ass! There has been very little promotion of the season start, something that has been happening for the last few years. Sure, they aren’t getting the free to air support they should, but they need to push their own barrow here and get the word out as much as possible. If they are wanting to make an impact in the sporting landscape in this country, then they need to promote the game better and actually try and raise it’s profile rather than being happy with just being 3rd fiddle to AFL & NRL. With cricket starting again and soon to be the Spring Racing Carnival, they need to ensure that soccer captures a place in the minds of aussie sports fans, or risk the competition once again going back to just diehards viewing it. The sport simply won’t be sustainable if that happens.