You know, the new year starts and I assume three things will happen. 3 consistent things that I can set my watch by. 1) Labuschagne makes runs, 2) I promise to lose weight as I’m tucking into some random takeaway food (usually deep fried) and 3) Nick Kyrgios will act like a an f-wit and basically turn a whole country against him.

Well, the first two have been met, but bloody Nicky boy is still giving me the shits, this time being a bloody decent bloke. I mean, ya stuffing things up for me.

First, you play with passion for the Aussies in that new style Davis cup thingy (big tennis fan here!!!), then you are the first sportsman to try and raise money for the bushfire victims, asking tennis Australia to get an event up and running, then you go one step further and donate your own hard earned, promising $200 for each ace served.

Then, the final act was delivering quality post-match interviews both on court and in the presser after your first match which had no carry-ons!
What has happened here? Have you matured? is this a rouse?

Maybe the wanker-Aussie sportsman is starting to fade, I mean even Dave Warner was a decent bloke over the summer.

Either way, it’s thrown my late January into chaos……….next thing you know, I’ll probably start eating Kale!