Now Michael Slater, I have no idea why Channel 7 decided to pick you up from the Channel 9 crew when they took over the coverage, but it hasn’t been a great idea. No one cares about your idiotic idle babble and faux-excitement at everything, and if you could find the time to give us a few decent insights in the game, that would be super.

James Brayshaw, not everything is incredible, not everyone is superb, not every ground is amazing mate. You seem to be trying to bring across the whole Triple M ‘let’s pump everything up especially ourselves’ style rubbish to cricket, seemingly too stupid to see that this blokey crap is why everyone ended up hating Channel 9s coverage.

There was a time when watching the cricket was pleasurable. When you had Bill and Tony, Richie and Ian, and normally a former player from the visiting team. They commentary was largely the sound of the summer for many of us growing up, and they gave us solid banter to go. The master was of course Richie, a man who could describe situations so succinctly, so efficiently with words that he was simply adding to the moment, not taking over from it.

I suggest you two clowns go back and have a look at those games back then, or possibly just listen to the likes of Tim Lane, or Ricky Ponting or even Alison Mitchell who all manage to bring across professionalism, insight and perspective to the coverage.

You’ll have time, as for some stupid reason the Aussies are heading off to India for 3 ODIs soon, thus reducing your requirements at 7, unless they decide that you are the best to cover the games which shows our depth in quality commentators is less than our depth of decent spinners in this country!!

So just a final piece of advice, when in doubt, just think…..what the bloody hell would Richie do?