Well, the hype is real. Zion Williamson is the real deal. We were told he would be; it was delayed in being shown, but by god that kid can play……and he’s only going to get better. He’s scored 20 pts or more in his last 11 games, a record for a teenager, and he’s bullying guys like Davis and Gobert in the post like a teenager simply shouldn’t. He’s got a career best of 35 pts, he’s topped 30 three times already and he’s averaging 24.2pts & 6.9 rebounds a game. It’s a bloody impressive introduction to the game he looks destined to dominate for the years to come.

However, despite this, he’s not the rookie of the year. At best, he’ll play 37 games in the regular season and despite him being clearly the best rookie, there is a guy in Memphis who deserves it more. Ja Morant couldn’t have done any more in his rookie season, whilst he’s averaging less than Zion, 17.6, he’s also getting 3.4 rebounds and 7 assists a game. Oh, and he has become the man in Memphis.

He leads their scoring per game and assists, in a team that has got themselves to the 8th seed in the West. Come the end of the season, he’ll have more than 31 more games than Zion and whilst he’s not doing what the big man is, in his debut season he has led his team into play-off contention and there is nothing more he can do.

Now, I’ve got no doubt is Zion plays the season then Pelicans are most likely in their play-off spot on the back of him, the simply fact is he missed 3 months of the season and during that time Ja Morant positioned himself as the man in Memphis, got them up and running towards play-offs and played some incredible basketball in the process.

Putting it simple, Zion is the best rookie in the NBA, but Ja Morant deserves the Rookie of the Year