It’s been a long time coming, but it’s finally here…..Zion day.

That’s right, that big beautiful boy taken at No.1 in the draft last year is finally making his debut for my beloved Pelicans. Seriously, how can you not love those chubby cheeks!

His form in the pre-season showed signs of what he can do, and this game against the Spurs is being nationally broadcast purely because of his debut, so you can imagine the pressure on this kid.
However, he’s had this pressure on him for most of last year and in the preseason, and if there is any kid that can handle it, it’s Zion.

So fingers crossed this future multi-title winning, 3x MVP and certain hall of famer gets off the start we know he can.
So again, Happy Zion day 😁🏀💪🏿