Seriously, how do you lose a dunk contest by getting five scores of 50, then dunk over a guy who’s 7ft 5??

Well, that’s what happened to Aaron Gordon of the Orlando Magic yesterday, losing out to Derrick Jones Jnr in an absolute cracker of a dunk contest.

Everyone in the NBA, barring Jones Jnr, is losing their mind over how Gordon was robbed again in the Dunk Contest, having been shafted in 2016 when he lost to Zach Lavine.

Essentially they are asked to do 4 dunks, two in the preliminary rounds, then if you make the finals you do two more. Gordon had 4 perfect dunks to that point, whereas Jones Jnr didn’t get a perfect score with his first dunk. You’d think you’d just do a count back, but no, they asked for 2 more dunks.

In the end, in their final dunks, Jones Jnr got 48, whilst Gordon only got 47.

Check out the dunk from Gordon below