Ok, so we’ve got a few trades going through finally!
Over the last couple of days, we’ve seen the following happen:
– Hawthorn receive:
Sam Frost, a 3rd round pick (currently 42), a 4th round (61) and a future 4th round,
Melbourne Receive: 3rd round pick (currently 50) and a future second round selection
-Melbourne Receive:
Ed Langdon, a 2nd round pick (currently 26) and a future 4th round pick
Fremantle receive:
2nd round pick (No.22), a fifth round pick (no.79) and a future second round
-West Coast Eagles Receive:
3rd Round pick (46) and a 5th round pick (91)
Brisbane Receive:
3rd Round pick (52) and a 4th round pick (64)
-Giants Receive:
1st round pick (6) and a 4th round pick (59)
St Kilda Receive:
Two 1st round picks (12 & 18)
In Free Agency:
-Grant Birchall has joined Brisbane from Hawthorn as an unrestricted Free Agent. Hawthorn receive no compensation
-Adam Tomlinson has joined Melbourne as an unrestricted Free Agent. GWS receive a 2nd round pick (No.40) as compensation
Other than that,
-we’ve seen Orazio Fantasia trick everyone into thinking he wants to leave…..then doesn’t.
-St Kilda are still trying to get Brad Hill, but Fremantle are asking for a lot and the Saints aren’t coming to that party. This one is very much likely to fall over.
-Essendon are still telling everyone that they want to keep Daniher, but I wonder if that’s because Sydney don’t yet have 2 first rounders to trade?
-Speaking of Sydney, Papley is still a Swan. They want to keep him, he wants to go to Carlton, Carlton are keen to trade but Sydney are holding off at the moment
-Carlton are going to be busy over the weekend, still trying to make moves for Jack Martin and Eddie Betts
-Speaking of busy, the Saints are still got to somehow get Dougal Howard, Zac Jones, Patty Ryder and Dan Butler (as well as Hill) in having committed to them all. They are going to need to juggle this very well. They could probably start by off-loading Josh Bruce to the Bulldogs!!
-Dogs keen on Adelaide’s Alex Keath
We might be in for a busy next few days!