The Wednesday Rant
So we come to the end of trade ‘week’ (actually goes for 9 days…but whatever) and basically nothing happens for 7 of those days and all goes crazy in the last 2. So do we really need to have a 9 day trade week??? I mean, surely by October 7th, we’ve had enough of Kane Cornes, David King, Tom Browne and the other twats in the AFL media that we could have a small break for a few days and then have trade period go for 3 days and let it be over with quickly. I realise it’s to ensure that footy gets as much air-time as possible, and the broadcasters love it, but it’s largely just tripe that comes through for the most part with bullshit hypotheticals and imaginary options that will never eventuate.
Then of course you have those mates that send you through every bloody trade rumour, even from dodgy facebook sites that are probably some 12yr old making crap up at recess!! (though at times they make more sense than the paid media guys from Fox and the AFL)
I say, it’s time to shrink it to 3 days and televise it. Have it like Big Brother, have them in a house filled with cameras and they just negotiate all the time, thrash it out and get stuff done!!! No one can leave for 3 days, they have shared food and bedrooms and the lights stay on. Imagine the trades done at the end of day 3, blokes are tired and angry and generally had enough of the whole experience and just want it over. Would be great!!!
C’mon AFL, get this done!!