Ok, so AFL Queensland are looking at instigating an ‘E-points’ system across their junior levels, which will be similar to similar junior programs in NSW, WA and Tasmania. Essentially, the E-points are giving to each competing team at the start of the game and you lose these points if there is bad behavior, either on-field or off-field, during the game. Things like kids being reported or sent off for on field discretions, and for off-field incidents like parents yelling abuse to either the umpires or oppositions players/supporters. Essentially, if you are well behaved, you’ll get 4 competition points regardless of how well you go. Yep, great, love it. We don’t want that stuff at junior footy.

BUT, they are also looking at bringing this in to penalize a team for winning by large margins. If you win by 90 or more points, you’ll lose 1 E-point, more than 120 you’ll lose 2 E-Points, and if you manage to go out and win by 150 points or more, you lose 3 E-Points. Essentially, if you flog your opposition by 151pts, you could conceivably only take 5 points from a game that your opposition get 4 points for!!

Which begs the question, when did winning become a ‘bad behavior’?? Just because you are a better side than your opposition, you shouldn’t be penalized for it, especially if you aren’t displaying poor on-field behavior in the process.

What lessons are we teaching our kids here? Work hard, try your best, but don’t do too well as you’ll actually be penalized for it? It’s a ridiculous situation and surely can’t get passed. Now I coach a junior girls basketball team, and we’ve been on the end of some floggings, and it’s not fun for the girls/coaches on the end of the flogging and too be honest, it’s not that fun for winning team either. But you can’t penalize the team for simply being better and, in my opinion, it’s actually going to be worse for everyone if you have one team not really trying for fear of losing points.

Fingers crossed this is not taken up, as it will have no benefit to anyone.