As reported earlier this week, the GWS Giants are keen to play a game in America for premiership points, with today the Dockers expressing their openness to explore the opportunity to be their opponents in that match.
Now, I sort of get the idea of trying to globalise the sport and look for new sponsors, but surely with the money invested into the Giants, shouldn’t they be just focused on getting fans in Australia to support them?

They’re already split between Western Sydney and Canberra, they have an average home crowd size of 12k and apparently 30k members.
Surely the focus on both expansion clubs should be fairly and squarely focused on growing locally rather than trying to build a market overseas. Wasn’t the whole selling point of these markets was that they were fast growing areas?

Surely if you are going to send sides overseas, you would send ones with established supporter bases to at least capture the ex-pat market somewhat.

Again, it just seems like a foolish thing to do…..but I guess that falls in line with standard AFL practice!